Live action Deus Ex Human Revolution

The Deus Ex Human Revolution game for the PC, PS3 and the Xbox 360, is due for a 26th August release, but to get the juices flowing in the gamers who are unable to wait, there is a brilliant live action video! It works like a historical look at news feeds and world really well too!

This cool live action video is accompanied by a new website for big bad corporation Sarif Industries. The game will come out in two different versions, standard and the augmented reality version, whatever that is!

According to Stephane D’Astous, who is the general manager of Eidos Montreal;

“The team has worked incredibly hard these last few years to create an unforgettable universe which introduces franchise fans and new players alike to this powerful vision of the future, where the choices you make create your own personal game play experience.”

Source [Geeky Gadgets]