Furniture made from old clothing

How much clothing is thrown away and this waste is so un-necessary as clothing can be refashioned into stylish furniture like these Rememberme Chairs by the German designer Tobias Juretzek. He takes old clothes such as jeans and cotton shirts, soaks them in a resin and compresses them into a mould in order to get the shape. It takes around thirteen pounds of clothing to produce each chair, which is able to support an adult once completed.

These are the features and specs for the excellent Rememberme Chair;

What often intends to be forgotten in wardrobes and boxes, now is brought to light again. Worn-out clothes, still kept for emotional reasons, here draw a characteristic marking on the chairs. Like a kind of message in a bottle the furniture contains memories and a sense for stories revives in us. The chairs create a conceptual frame, lead the message to a new expression and present themselves in a particular way, giving another perspective to things in general.

Source [Incredible Things]