Getting the most from Linkedin

Are missing out on getting most from the social networking site designed to connect business people, Linkedin! It seems that many users’ sign up for an account only to leave it inactive, which is not going to impress anyone at all! so some folks have got together in order to come up with a definitive reason as to how good you are at being good Linkedin person or maybe you are at the opposite end of the scale, check out the points below to see you fall in.

These are the ten signs that you may not be doing your best to keep up with what is going on in your Linkedin account;

You send generic LinkedIn connection requests

You neglect to add a good photo to your profile

You have no or only a precious few recommendations

You provide vague recommendation for others

You copy and paste your resume into LinkedIn

You join groups then promptly ignore them

You don’t complete your profile

You don’t have enough connections

Your headline is a non-starter

Your last status update was July 5 . . . 2010

So, according to your answers to the above points, how did you score? Check out below and be truthful as you are only fooling yourself;

None are true – You are a master. I bow to you.

1-2 are true – Congrats, you are just a few steps away from being an engaging connection for someone.

3-5 are true – You are not alone, but there is still some important work to be done.

5-7 are true – There’s trouble in River City.  You need help or a few hours of focused time to improve your profile.

8-10 are true – Make LinkedIn a major priority this week.  Really.

I have not done the test myself because deep down I know that I would be failing big time, so I am not that crazy after all!

Source [Tims Strategy]