Star Wars Edition Xbox 360

This is a must for all Star Wars fans, it is a special limited edition of the Xbox 360, it comes with cool styling such as the actually Xbox casing in R2-D2 design and the controller in C3PO gold finish! This is an excellent idea and it is not just the look of the machine either that gets the Star Wars treatment. included in the box is a special Star Wars SFX for the power on and disc ejection, it also comes with the new Star Wars Kinect game, may the force be with you!

These are the features that you can expect to find in the Special limited edition Star Wars Xbox 360 set;

320 GB HDD and it includes a custom Star Wars SFX for operations like powering on and ejecting discs, plus a copy of both the Star Wars game and Kinect Adventures

Priced at £350 in the UK and around $450 in the US

Source [Coolest Gadgets]