Car HUD’s from MicroVision

I love a heads up display or HUD, some cars have them built in but they are not always up to much and if they go wrong, there are some serious issues to follow. However, according to a press release from MicroVision it seems that they are in the market and have come up with the PicoP head-up display technology, which they will be calling the PicoHUD! but this is early days so far, and the equipment is just being tested, but once this is ready the user will be able to see a display with vehicle monitoring, navigation, and radio control right in from of them, how cool would that be and can they hurry up please!

These are the features and some further details for the excellent PicoP head-up display technology;

Microvision is the number one choice for automotive suppliers who wish to enable next generation vehicle displays. Microvision’s ultra miniature PicoP display engine coupled with its optical expertise offers automotive customers the ability to design head-up displays or instrument cluster displays that place visual information where the driver can use it. This creates a new level of driver delight while at the same time, increasing safety in and around the vehicle.

Source [Coolest Gadgets