Want an Elite email address

There are so many free to use email services around that sometimes it is hard to choose which one to use, unless you are like me and have used the same Gmail email address since the service was launched! Anyway, it appears that as in the real world there are those folks who simply want and demand the best! According to the Elite750 email, they offer their member just that, an elite email service for elite people! Naturally for this exclusive service there is a cost and that would be $7,500 (4,590) initial set up fee followed by a monthly payment of $750 (£459)! Therefore, what we want to know is does anyone have or know anyone who uses this service?

This is what Elite750 have to say on their website about the service that they are offering;

Elite750 is the world’s first premium Email Address Club. We provide our Members with a unique and exclusive @elite750.com Email Address as well as a number of additional services. Elite750 Membership is limited to 750 Members worldwide and it is reserved to a global elite.

Source [World Must Be Crazy]