Build your own Segway

A brand new Segway will set you back around £5,000 which is a lot of money to fork out on something that only carries one person, so what are the other options, well there is second hand or better still build your own, yes build your own!

You need to get hold of a couple of second hand electric scooters and to carefully follow the instructions of Petter Forsberg from Sweden, this way you will be able to build your own Segway for around £300, now that’s better.

According the builder website, this is the inspiration behind the build your own Segway;

The main reason that I wanted to build a Segway was simply because I wanted to see if it was possible. I also liked the idea of building something that strongly interacts with humans. I will now describe how I built this Segway.

As for the cost of the parts, it seems that this has managed right down to last penny or so;

The biggest cost was the motors wheels and batteries. I managed to reduce this cost pretty well by buying a second hand scooter, which was malfunctioning due to an electrical error, the parts I scavenged from it, makes up one setup of wheel motor and gears

So, if anyone has a go on this project, please let us know and might even feature it!

Source [Ubergizmo]