Google Maps Go Underground

It seems that from now on travellers on the London Underground will be able to get directions and information on their iOS, Blackberry, and Android-powered devices.

Ed Parsons, Who is Google UK’s geospatial technologist said;

“We’ve worked hard over the past few years on this, and we’ve worked with TfL to get their bus and tube timetable information. We’ve done a lot of processing on it so we can know at any time when your next bus or tube is, wherever you are,”

It makes no difference whether the user is just visiting or a regular commuter in the city, this service is going to come in handy as it takes the users location to work out the best route to get to their destination in good time.

According to Martine Ainsworth-Wells, who is the Marketing and Communications Director at London & Partners and said;

“Sometimes visitors to London can find navigating the city a little overwhelming and public transport directions in Google Maps will really simplify the process. Both new and repeat visitors look for new places to explore and now they can plan their route either before they travel or even while they are already in the capital.”

Furthermore, users of Android devices are able to use the Transit Navigation (Beta) in Google Maps; this service offers alerts when it is time to get off the bus or train.

Source [Smashing Apps]