How private is privacy

It seems that we take it for granted that all of our online actions are like walking down the road, nobody takes any notice until something happens. However, it is not like that online for every step that you take can be tracked in some form or another; in fact, Privacy International has commissioned this video to show exactly what sort of trail computer users are leaving as they move around the net.

According to a Privacy International spokesperson;

Privacy International – Data Trail from This is Real Art on Vimeo.

Europe is the world’s leader in privacy rights. However, with leadership like this, we worry about the future. The Directive on Data Protection has been implemented across EU member states and beyond, but inconsistencies remain. Surveillance harmonisation that was once threatened is now in disarray. Yet there are so many loopholes and exemptions that it is increasingly challenging to get a full understanding of the privacy situations in European countries. The cloak of ‘national security’ enshrouds many practices, minimises authorisation safeguards and prevents oversight.

So knowing this, what are you going to do about it?

Source [PSFK]