The Expanding Toaster

I love this toaster, not just, because it can expand to cope with the growing family, or because it has a certain style, it is just because this is design that serves a real purpose, the growing family! You can see how this works, the single person has a single toaster, then someone moves in, therefore another module is needed and as the kids come another module can be added to meet demand. This is a real cool idea and so long as the toaster actually worked for a number of years so that the system can expand to meet demand.

According to the designer of the Modular Toaster, Hadar Gorelik, a design student from Israel;

Each member of the family has their own toaster, this way the toaster is as big as your family. While connected to one another, the toasters can work together and can work separately. By itself, the toaster looks like its missing something, looks incomplete. And when assembled together the next toaster closes the form and completes the look.

Source [Gajitz]