BT to extend ADSL

Rural broadband has been given a boost from an announcement by BT that the company will be connecting around two and half million homes to the broadband network, around nine hundred thousand of these properties will be in rural areas.

This announcement follows the news from Ofcom that the UK’s average broadband connection has increased to 6.8 Mbps, which of course will mean nothing for those homes with broadband at all, but Ofcom have also criticised internet service providers (ISP’s) on the advertising of maximum connection speeds, which most consumers are unable to receive.

According to Alex Pannell who is BT’s director of product management, he said in a statement;

“This is a significant expansion of our roll out plan and is further proof of our commitment to serve rural areas,”

Crucially there has been not timeline announced for this roll out of next generation broadband services, however once completed ninety per cent of the UK will be able to receive a broadband connection.

Source [BBC]