Not So Fast Broadband

It seems that when internet service providers (ISP’s) display their glossy adverts and tell us on the TV and radio just how fast their particular brand of broadband is, the actual connection speeds available to the consumer are around half those advertised.

The regulator Ofcom recently announced that the average UK broadband connection speed is currently 6.2 Mbps, but when it comes to the average advertised connection speed this is 15 Mbps, which Ofcom feel is misleading to the consumer.

According to Ed Richards, who is the chief executive of Ofcom, said in statement;

“We are now seeing consumers increasingly move to higher-rated services and enjoying genuinely faster speeds. Consumers also have access to better broadband information, allowing them to decide which provider to use based on actual speeds they can achieve at home.”

Ofcom have been trying to get internet service providers to change the way that they advertise their broadband connection speeds.

“However, the research is still telling us that some consumers are not receiving anywhere near the speeds that are being advertised by some ISPs. Ofcom continues to urge the CAP and BCAP committees to make changes to their advertising guidance so that consumers are able to make more informed decisions based on the adverts they see.”

Source [Guardian]