BT to extend ADSL

Rural broadband has been given a boost from an announcement by BT that the company will be connecting around two and half million homes to the broadband network, around nine hundred thousand of these properties will be in rural areas. This announcement follows the news from Ofcom that the UK’s average broadband connection has increased […]

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Google Maps Go Underground

It seems that from now on travellers on the London Underground will be able to get directions and information on their iOS, Blackberry, and Android-powered devices. Ed Parsons, Who is Google UK’s geospatial technologist said; “We’ve worked hard over the past few years on this, and we’ve worked with TfL to get their bus and […]

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Comparing top social networks

So let us have a look at the most popular social networking site, just in case you have been living underground for the past ten years we will recap. Social Networking is something that anyone who is anyone does, it is like going to the pub or local shopping but without having to spend any money […]

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What do you know about Android

Most people have about the Android operating system from Google, but what exactly do we actually know about this big selling software. All I know is that there is a connection with cakes in there somewhere. We have had to wait for [x]cubelabs the mobile app developers to put together all of the information and […]

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Hacktivists Demand PayPal Boycott

It seems that PayPal are heading into trouble by holding on to donations made to whistle blowing website Wikileaks through the online payment service. They accounts were frozen when Wikileaks started releasing stolen confidential documents that belonged to the US governments diplomatic service. Since then the accounts have been frozen and PayPal have been on […]

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The Keyboard Tie

Here is something that is bound to liven up a dreary meeting, it is something that will remind people who you are and what you are representing, so it is great for sales people as way in the door! The tie has eight sensors, one in each key so that with practice the wearer will […]

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