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Build your own Segway

A brand new Segway will set you back around £5,000 which is a lot of money to fork out on something that only carries one person, so what are the other options, well there is second hand or better still build your own, yes build your own!

You need to get hold of a couple of second hand electric scooters and to carefully follow the instructions of Petter Forsberg from Sweden, this way you will be able to build your own Segway for around £300, now that’s better.

According the builder website, this is the inspiration behind the build your own Segway;

The main reason that I wanted to build a Segway was simply because I wanted to see if it was possible. I also liked the idea of building something that strongly interacts with humans. I will now describe how I built this Segway.

As for the cost of the parts, it seems that this has managed right down to last penny or so;

The biggest cost was the motors wheels and batteries. I managed to reduce this cost pretty well by buying a second hand scooter, which was malfunctioning due to an electrical error, the parts I scavenged from it, makes up one setup of wheel motor and gears

So, if anyone has a go on this project, please let us know and might even feature it!

Source [Ubergizmo]



Man in a drain

What lengths would you go to in order to find your iPhone? Well this guy has followed his iPhone down the drain, which is fair enough; I suppose it is only natural to want to get your expensive iPhone back, especially if it is at the beginning of a new twenty four month contract!

The thing that I find amusing is the girl reporter who feels that she has to demonstrate exactly what happened and even sticks her head into the open drain; you do not see that every day on the BBC Breakfast News!

Source [Technabob]


Are Aliens Here

Where we hear talk of aliens and close encounters, we naturally think of Americans and the US, the for this is two fold; most science fiction is based in the US and produced by US filmmakers and secondly the US has a massive population and so sightings etc are going to be multiplied. However, it seems that this idea could be wrong, as alien sightings are now a global phenomenon, and even more worrying is the amount of people who believe that aliens are already here and living amongst us, well I could have told you that!

This graphic shows in great detail just how many people from around the world, believe in aliens and those who do not, some figures are quite surprising.

Source [Column Five Media]


How private is privacy

It seems that we take it for granted that all of our online actions are like walking down the road, nobody takes any notice until something happens. However, it is not like that online for every step that you take can be tracked in some form or another; in fact, Privacy International has commissioned this video to show exactly what sort of trail computer users are leaving as they move around the net.

According to a Privacy International spokesperson;

Privacy International – Data Trail from This is Real Art on Vimeo.

Europe is the world’s leader in privacy rights. However, with leadership like this, we worry about the future. The Directive on Data Protection has been implemented across EU member states and beyond, but inconsistencies remain. Surveillance harmonisation that was once threatened is now in disarray. Yet there are so many loopholes and exemptions that it is increasingly challenging to get a full understanding of the privacy situations in European countries. The cloak of ‘national security’ enshrouds many practices, minimises authorisation safeguards and prevents oversight.

So knowing this, what are you going to do about it?

Source [PSFK]


The Apple Store Challenge

It seems that you are able to do almost anything at the Apple Store these days, just take a quick search on YouTube and you will find all sorts of curious things going on. So that definitely sounds like a challenge doesn’t it?

Step in comedian and all time bad shopper, Mark Malkoff, he certainly knows to make the staff in the Apple Store lives a right misery and yet in some strange way it is so funny, especially as hardly anyone takes any notice at all.

Source [Geeks Are Sexy]


Stormtrooper designer beats Lucas

The classic Stormtrooper costume in the original Star Wars films is iconic and were designed by the 62 year old, UK designer Andrew Ainsworth. However, years after film were made; these suits are still being made using the same moulds as the originals, because Ainsworth has a side line in replica Stormtrooper suits, which sell for around £1,500 each!

Anyway, as most people are aware anything to do with Star Wars is strongly defended by George Lucas and in actual fact, the producer actually successfully sued Ainsworth for $20 million in 2004, when the replicas were first sold. However, this ruling was overthrown by several courts and now in the most recent court case it has been thrown out for good.

Leading intellectual property lawyer Simon Bennett of Fox Williams LLP said;

“The judges concluded that the helmet could not be regarded as an artistic work because it was a mass produced item – remember how many storm troopers there were? – and has an utilitarian role,”

This is massive save for the designer, who naturally keep on producing and selling the outfits, in the UK anyway!

According to the Twickenham based designer, Andrew Ainsworth;

“This is a massive victory, a total victory; we’ve already got the champagne out, I am proud to report that in the English legal system David can prevail against Goliath if his cause is right. If there is a force, then it has been with me these past five years.”

Source [Guardian]


Just what is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a new virtual currency, that is fast becoming an interesting part of deals and transfers between all sorts of folk but mainly it is the Libertarians, hackers, and computer scientists who are praising this net cash!

Basically, what we are talking about here is a non centralized currency, it is based on a system developed by programmers back in 2009, it is valued against the US Dollar and transactions take place on a secure network with no third party involvement, you simply pay and collect direct.

There are of course with any system such as this, concerns over security and just who is using this system to transfer and receive money.

According to Jeff Garzik, who is a member of Bitcoin’s core software development team, he said in an email;

“Bitcoins are not ‘tax free’ in any way. For US citizens, Bitcoins are at a minimum subject to capital gains tax. IRS barter income regulations and other tax codes may also apply. U.S. and state money transmitter regulations may also apply, among others.”



Source [PC Mag]


Google still deleting accounts

The idea of having your profile on any network being deleted is shocking to say the least, but on Google it is so much more than just that, because your Gmail and other accounts are linked, this means no access these and that is just wrong. What makes it even worse for the user are hoops that you have to jump through in order to get your own account back. There are accounts of people having to show their photo ID, it seems that Google are risking alienating a lot of people, who quite simply do not want to show their ID in order to use a social networking and email site.

According to the Google+ terms and conditions, it seems that the search giant has a point;

“You can be certain you’re connecting with the right person. Google Profiles requires you to use the name that you commonly go by in daily life.”

You can sort of see where Google are coming from, but at the same perhaps they should lighten up a bit or get some humans into the mix who understand the difference between a real profile and a fake profile.

Source [Huffington Post]


The Mp3 Experiment

This is a cross between a flash mob and rave, it is crazy and fantastic all in one go, I wish I was there to join in at the Nelson Rockefeller Park. It all started by three and half thousand people downloading an Mp3 file and all pressing play at the same time, after that it was just a matter of following the instructions.

These are the details of what is happening at the Mp3 Experiment from the organisers and creators Charlie Todd & Tyler Walker;

For our latest mission, over 3,500 people downloaded an MP3 file and pressed play simultaneously. The event began at sunset in two starting points by the Hudson River. The masses converged on Nelson Rockefeller Park as twilight ended and participated in a series of synchronized activities involving flashlights, camera flashes, glow sticks, and masks.

Source [Improve Everywhere]


City Content solar lighting

These may appear to be just a modern design for streetlights, well it is just that, but they are much more than that just that, for this is a design that is powered by solar panels and offers the public a waste system that has been securely built into the base of the lamp pole.

Street waste bins are few and far between these days and yet dropping rubbish is a very bad thing to do and can lead to the culprit being fined; this design solves this issue in a sensible way. The bins are also locked in. so they cannot be removed without the right key.

The City Context is one of the winners at the 2011 IDEA Awards! This is great news for the Designers: Li-Te Lo, Song-Jung Chen, Tai-Yen Lee, Chun-Wei Hsu and Cheng-Yu Tsai, it is a pity that this is still a concept design, rather than it going into production.

Source [Gajitz]


The Assassins Creed Embers Movie

The games developer Ubisoft have been very busy recently, but that busy as to not have enough time to produce a short movie to be released alongside the third part of the game in the Assassins Creed series, which is of course, Assassins Creed Revelations, it should be coming out during November hopefully!

The firm have released a little video trailer for us to see a little bit of the action, the video is produced by the video production unit, UbiWorkshop. This short movie will be available as a digital download through the PSN or Xbox Live networks, or alternatively it will be in with the Assassin’s Creed Revelations Animus Edition!

What do you think about this addition of this mini movie? Is it a good idea or just a waste of your time, let us know either way!

Source [Geeky Gadgets]


These are Data Sandals

With summer in full swing, it is only natural that a girl would be interested in getting their hands on some designer shoes, well in this case they are sandals and yes, they certainly are designer shoes. However, maybe not quite, what a lady would be wearing to the Summer Ball, or maybe they would, I don’t know because I do not wear shoes this, well not all of the time! These interesting shoes are the creation of a New Jersey based design firm called PCB Creations, they have used mother boards and other pieces of circuitry to come up with something complete different, even though they may be slightly uncomfortable.

These are details for the very special Data Sandals by PCB Creations;

Its summer and time to show off a unique pair of Data Sandals, these were fashioned from PC mother boards, ribbon wire and a host of other electronic components all put together to make these highly detailed and one of a kind Sandals. You’re going to enjoy just staring at these for hours.

Priced at $350 in the US and £220 in the UK

Source [Incredible Things]