July 2011

Just what is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a new virtual currency, that is fast becoming an interesting part of deals and transfers between all sorts of folk but mainly it is the Libertarians, hackers, and computer scientists who are praising this net cash! Basically, what… Continue Reading →

Google still deleting accounts

The idea of having your profile on any network being deleted is shocking to say the least, but on Google it is so much more than just that, because your Gmail and other accounts are linked, this means no access… Continue Reading →

The Mp3 Experiment

This is a cross between a flash mob and rave, it is crazy and fantastic all in one go, I wish I was there to join in at the Nelson Rockefeller Park. It all started by three and half thousand… Continue Reading →

City Content solar lighting

These may appear to be just a modern design for streetlights, well it is just that, but they are much more than that just that, for this is a design that is powered by solar panels and offers the public… Continue Reading →

The Assassins Creed Embers Movie

The games developer Ubisoft have been very busy recently, but that busy as to not have enough time to produce a short movie to be released alongside the third part of the game in the Assassins Creed series, which is… Continue Reading →

These are Data Sandals

With summer in full swing, it is only natural that a girl would be interested in getting their hands on some designer shoes, well in this case they are sandals and yes, they certainly are designer shoes. However, maybe not… Continue Reading →

Boost your paper airplane

This is something that I wished I had when I was a boy, we made paper planes and mine was the one that only went a few feet before plummeting to the ground. It was a around this time that… Continue Reading →

The Wrongulator is never right

Let’s face it folks, no one loves those guys in accounts they spend all hunched over our expenses only to tell us that we are slightly out, it’s not the end of the world and yet they seem to make… Continue Reading →

Where is all the data stored

It is amazing really that a lot of people who use the internet do not actually know where all of the data comes from or to be more precise where all this data is stored. Well worry no more because… Continue Reading →

Hotel offers anti snoring features

It seems that according to recent research around half of UK couples complain that their partners snoring ruins their holidays, and in response to this Crowne Plaza Hotels have created an anti snoring room or to put it technically, a… Continue Reading →

Your Guide To SEO

Here is a smart info graphic that will show just how search works and how a website owner can take advantage of tactics and strategies to make sure that their site is up there with the top websites in their… Continue Reading →

How tech firms are connected

This is an amazing graphic, it shows just how interconnected the top tech firms on the internet and beyond are, with many of the same names appearing time after time! You expect experienced employees to be able to move from… Continue Reading →

Mozilla to go Mobile

The makers of the popular Firefox browser are looking to take the mobile market by storm with the introduction of a mobile operating system known as Boot to Gecko! This OS will be a universal platform aimed at Smartphone’s and… Continue Reading →

Facebook users switching to Google+

At the moment, there is plently of speculation on how many Facebook users are planning on jumping ship over to the new and much hyped social network provided by Google! However, it seems that this speculation may not be just… Continue Reading →

Anonymous attacks Italian cyber taskforce

Government departments around the world should take note on what has recently happened in Italy, when the hackivist group known as Anonymous attacked the CNAIPIC – il Centro Nazionale Anticrimine Informatico per la Protezione delle Infrastrutture Critiche, who are effectively… Continue Reading →

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