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Boost your paper airplane

This is something that I wished I had when I was a boy, we made paper planes and mine was the one that only went a few feet before plummeting to the ground. It was a around this time that I realised my piloting ambitions would not ever come true! However, things have changed, because here is a cool looking kit that takes average paper plane and turns it into a super paper plane, now we are talking! It has a propeller that is powered by a rechargeable battery, it takes twenty seconds to charge up and provides ninety seconds of power, which is good don’t you think!

These are the features and specs for the Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit;

Add a rechargeable, motor-driven propeller to your paper airplane.

Carbon fibre body – super durable and light weight.

Charge Time: 20 seconds.

Flight Time: approx. 90 seconds per charge.

Batteries: Three AA (not included).

Dimensions: approx. 7.25″ long.

Priced at $19.99

Source [Oh Gizmo]



The Wrongulator is never right

Let’s face it folks, no one loves those guys in accounts they spend all hunched over our expenses only to tell us that we are slightly out, it’s not the end of the world and yet they seem to make appear as if it is. Anyway, it is time to get your own back, with the Wrongulator, this appears to be standard calculator but it will always provide the wrong answer and therefore it is guaranteed to drive them nuts! I know what I buying at Christmas!

These are the features and details for the calculator that is always wrong;

The Wrongulator is no ordinary calculator; it is actually the world’s worst calculator, as it never gives the right answer, ever!  If your calculator has been exchanged for this one then every single calculation you have entered in it has been wrong. It is perhaps the cruellest practical joke you could inflict on your office colleague and the chances are, without being told, they will probably never guess….well not before it is too late anyway! Mwhahahaha!

Priced at £5 in the UK and around $8 in the US

Source [Technabob]



Where is all the data stored

It is amazing really that a lot of people who use the internet do not actually know where all of the data comes from or to be more precise where all this data is stored. Well worry no more because here is a smart graphic by Mozy, which shows exactly what is going on behind the monitors and into the world of the internet, where there is an advert on every corner!

An interesting point made from this graphic is the top ten data centres of which eight are based in the US. Although in time, you have to believe that the next generation of data centre is going to be located in the Middle East of the Far East, rather than mainland Europe and the USA.

Source [Orange Inks]


Hotel offers anti snoring features

It seems that according to recent research around half of UK couples complain that their partners snoring ruins their holidays, and in response to this Crowne Plaza Hotels have created an anti snoring room or to put it technically, a snore absorption room. There is one in the London hotel and in nine other hotels around Europe and the Middle East; however this problem does not seem to affect Americans, as the firm have no plans to introduce these rooms in the states.

These are the features and details that according to Crowne Plaza Hotels will help couples get a good night’s sleep;

Soundproofing on walls to absorb loud frequencies and reduce noise reverberating in the room.

A sound-absorbing headboard to help muffle the snoring echo within the room.

An anti-snoring bed wedge that encourages snorers to sleep on their sides or upright instead of flat on their backs, which worsens snoring.

An anti-snoring pillow, which uses magnets to create a magnetic field, that is supposed to open the airways and stiffen the upper palate, so it won’t vibrate and encourage snoring.

A white noise machine to help drown out the snorer.

Of course, I usually find a pillow and ear plugs usually work quite well!

Source [PSFK]


Your Guide To SEO

Here is a smart info graphic that will show just how search works and how a website owner can take advantage of tactics and strategies to make sure that their site is up there with the top websites in their market! If only it was that easy, we would all be doing it; in the mean time, we will be seeing you around page ten on Google, if we are lucky!

Source [State of Search]


How tech firms are connected

This is an amazing graphic, it shows just how interconnected the top tech firms on the internet and beyond are, with many of the same names appearing time after time! You expect experienced employees to be able to move from one firm to another but in this case, it seems that the big firms are more connected through deals and ex-employees. It is just amazing and very interesting too!

Source [Mashable]


Mozilla to go Mobile

The makers of the popular Firefox browser are looking to take the mobile market by storm with the introduction of a mobile operating system known as Boot to Gecko! This OS will be a universal platform aimed at Smartphone’s and tablets, but it will also be available for other mobile device too.

Now, before we get carried away here this is in pipeline and is nowhere ready for the market just yet, there is a rumour that this operating system can also be used as desktop system too but we will have to wait and see what happens there.

The mobile market is huge and there is a place for another operating system to enter and be successful, but whether or not it will be this operating system depends on how soon they can get it out and how good it is in comparison to other systems out there.

Source [BBC]


Facebook users switching to Google+

At the moment, there is plently of speculation on how many Facebook users are planning on jumping ship over to the new and much hyped social network provided by Google! However, it seems that this speculation may not be just some figure that has been plucked out of the sky, for there is poll that shows some disturbing figures for Facebook! This poll has been conducted by PC Mag and they asked their readers a simple question; Will you ditch Facebook for Google+?

Around 6,300 readers responded and around half stated that they liked Google+ and that they intended to leave Facebook in favour of this new social networking site. While at the other end of the scale only seven per cent stated that, they were happy with Facebook and would be staying with it. Should Facebook be worried or is all this hype for a social network bound to fade after a while? We shall have to wait and see on that one!

Source [PC Mag]


Anonymous attacks Italian cyber taskforce

Government departments around the world should take note on what has recently happened in Italy, when the hackivist group known as Anonymous attacked the CNAIPIC – il Centro Nazionale Anticrimine Informatico per la Protezione delle Infrastrutture Critiche, who are effectively the Italian cyber police!

The attack is in response to a number of arrests that took place in Italy, which should be sending out warning signs to all government departments that are actively involved in bringing down hackivist groups, such as Anonymous.

According to various #Anonymous #AntiSec tweets on the micro blogging site Twitter;

“We decided to leak everything they got since they were established as a full scale cyber taskforce named CNAIPIC,”

“Received from an #Anonymous #AntiSec (haha) source,”

“AntiSec strikes at Italy Government. Silent no more,”

It would seem that no government dept is safe, and with the resources that Anonymous has it would seem that any government system could be a target at anytime, the question that needs to be answered is, are they ready for it?

Source [IT Pro]


Lego Robotic Pancake Maker

Now making robots out of Lego is just plain crazy, this means that when Judgement Day comes we will not only be fighting off the machines, but also contraptions made from those coloured bricks and that is just plain dangerous! But this pancake machine is a work of art, it has to be said, I love the thought that has gone into this and the best thing of all is, it works, how cool is that!

These are the details about the Lego pancake chef from Miguel Valenzuela and his friends;

A pancake CNC for your table made out of LEGO Mindstorms, LEGO bricks and Two Ketchup Bottles. I re-posted this because my other daughter wanted to be in the video too! For those interested in the music, visit here 

Source [Geek]


Facebook Vs Google+

With the launch of Google Plus the question that we all want answered is who will come out on top, naturally Facebook have the home field advantage with its huge membership of loyal users. However, at the same time Google also have a mega following, you only need to see how Gmail has taken off as well as Chrome and Android. These are two giants of the internet who are going head to head, which is great for the smaller guys who can clean up after they battled it out. Alternatively, maybe there will not be a battle royale after all and this saga will just continue for years to come. Have a look at the graphic below to see how they are currently lining up.

Source [Business Insider]


Who is top in mobile advertising

There is a new boom time in town and this time it is in the mobile market, but where once Nokia and Ericsson ruled the mobile market there are two new players in town. Apple and Android, these too will be fighting it out for the prize, which will be the estimated $2.8 billion market in the US alone by 2015. Both platforms are holding their own so far, check out this cool info graphic to see just how the market measures up for this past month!

Source [Techcrunch]


Car HUD’s from MicroVision

I love a heads up display or HUD, some cars have them built in but they are not always up to much and if they go wrong, there are some serious issues to follow. However, according to a press release from MicroVision it seems that they are in the market and have come up with the PicoP head-up display technology, which they will be calling the PicoHUD! but this is early days so far, and the equipment is just being tested, but once this is ready the user will be able to see a display with vehicle monitoring, navigation, and radio control right in from of them, how cool would that be and can they hurry up please!

These are the features and some further details for the excellent PicoP head-up display technology;

Microvision is the number one choice for automotive suppliers who wish to enable next generation vehicle displays. Microvision’s ultra miniature PicoP display engine coupled with its optical expertise offers automotive customers the ability to design head-up displays or instrument cluster displays that place visual information where the driver can use it. This creates a new level of driver delight while at the same time, increasing safety in and around the vehicle.

Source [Coolest Gadgets



Latest Rise of the Planet of the Apes trailer

This is the trailer for the New ‘RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES’ movie as it premiered at Comic Con 2011 in San Diego, CA. the film will be Starring James Franco, Andy Serkis and Freida Pinto, it has been directed by Rupert Wyatt.

Even for fans of the older films, the TV series and even the star studded rebooted version of the Planet of the Apes, you may be wondering whether Rise of the Planet of the Apes is worth watching, well check out the latest trailer and see that it really is.

Source [Topless Robot]


Fun getting to work

Wouldn’t life be delightful if you were able to make going to work a bit of fun! Well if you lived in the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands and used the Overvecht railway station. For the recent renovations have left the entrance to the station with an unusual way of getting down into the main part of the station, a slide!

The whole development has been overseen by the design firm, HIK Ontwerpers, it is ideal for those who are late and for people with kids.

Source [Incredible Things]


Cyber Sliding Pad Cover

Gaming with the Nintendo 3DS handheld games console can often be slightly difficult to use as the control stick turns out to be a slippery at the wrong time and then it is game over! However, it is a story with these control pad covers as they offer a proper controller feel and response, they also stay in place too, so there is no need to remove them either.

These are some of the details for the excellent Cyber Sliding Pad Cover

Available in three colours (blue, black and red), the Cyber Sliding Pad Cover is made to mimic the portable console as much as possible. There are also versions for Xbox, PS3 and even the PSP.

There are no prices on the table just yet, but no doubt they will be soon at the device will be launched within days

Source [Oh Gizmo]



The Elecom x nendo mouse

This is a very smart looking mouse, it is supposed to remind us of Origami and I suppose it does in a strange way. However, as someone who uses a mouse all day long, I am sure about this one, the shape seems to be all wrong and I have the feeling that the user is going to end up with serious wrist pain after a while! However, what do I know, this is mouse that has been designed by a talented design team who know what they are doing of. Whatever we think of this device, it is stylish and comes in three colours and uses a micro receiver so that it is not sticking out of the computer too far.

These are the features and spec for the interesting Elecom x nendo 5 Buttons Wireless Laser Mouse “ORIME”;

Manufacturer / Model Elecom x nendo 5 Buttons Wireless Laser Mouse “ORIME”

OS Compatibility Windows 7 / Vista (~SP2) / XP (SP3)

Mac OS (10.5~10.5.8 / 10.6~10.6.7)

Interface USB

Resolution 1600 dpi

Radiowave Frequency 2.4 GHz

Electric Wave Distance about 3 to 10 m

Power Supply AAA battery x2 (for Alkali / Manganese / Nickel )

Continuous Operation Time about 128 hours

Continuous Standby Time  about 125 days

Size W 81 mm x D 108 mm x H 40.5 mm

Box Contents Main body / Receiver / AAA battery x2

Priced at $84.32 in the US and around £52 in the UK

Source [Technabob]



Free Wi-Fi at Tesco

The UK’s largest supermarket chain Tesco are trailing free wireless internet in four of their stores, which may not seem like a big thing as they have around 2,700 stores throughout the UK. However, if the trail proves to be a success and there is no reason why it should not, then free Wi-Fi will rolled out across all of the Tesco stores.

If this went ahead Tesco would become the first supermarket to offer this service, the consumer is already used to getting free Wi-Fi in restaurants, bars and hotels. However, in a supermarket, this would be new and it would offer the Tesco the chance to target the consumer with special offers and product details while they are going about their shopping! Every little helps!

According to the man in the know, the chief information officer for Tesco Stores, Mike McNamara;

‘You can stand there Canute-like and pretend nothing is happening…or you can say it’s happening, and I am going to help it happen. My guess is it will go to all stores.’

However, he did have a word of warning for anyone who thinks that they can walk into the store an abuse the free Wi-Fi;

‘if you sit there streaming video all day we may switch it off.’

Source [Daily Mail]