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    Star Wars Edition Xbox 360

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    This is a must for all Star Wars fans, it is a special limited edition of the Xbox 360, it comes with cool styling such as the actually Xbox casing in R2-D2 design and the controller in C3PO gold finish! This is an excellent idea and it is not just the look of the machine… Read more »

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    Angry Birds going for one billion fans

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    It seems that being almost an overnight success is not good enough the people behind mobile device game, Angry Birds. Rovio the Finland based developer are planning to go for the big one billion of fans around the world, this would be a first form any game franchise. The rise of Angry Birds is truly… Read more »

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    The final trailer for Cowboys and Aliens

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    It would seem that the sci-fi western starring Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, is on its last week of the run in to its launch and as such, the studio have released one final trailer. The critics are split on this one, personally I am going to see it, no matter what anyone says, roll… Read more »

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    The difference between touchscreen displays

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    Most users of Smartphone’s and tablet devices will that they are using touchscreen technology, but what is the difference between the three main types of this technology, which are the resistive, capacitive and the infrared or heat sensitive versions of the touchscreen. The main differences are the way that the screen reacts to the users… Read more »

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    Furniture made from old clothing

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    How much clothing is thrown away and this waste is so un-necessary as clothing can be refashioned into stylish furniture like these Rememberme Chairs by the German designer Tobias Juretzek. He takes old clothes such as jeans and cotton shirts, soaks them in a resin and compresses them into a mould in order to get… Read more »

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    Holy Terror trailer and artwork

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    Originally, this story would have had Batman as the main character, but since there were changes over at DC Comics, the story was forgotten about. but now it is back with a new hero known as the Fixer taking the lead role and his task is to take out all of those bad guys behind… Read more »

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    The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force

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    This must be the Jedi student’s equivalent of the bible of something similar; it comes in a very impressive casing that opens up at the touch of a button. This is much more than just a book and at the moment it being sold with 43% off too, which can only be a good thing… Read more »

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    This is the App Gun

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    Need a cool gun for playing games on your iPhone, well believe it or not there is an app for that! Yes, this is the Apptoyz Blaster gun, it is not quite ready for delivery yet, but this time next month it will be and at just under £20 it looks well worth giving it… Read more »

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    Microsoft demos Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

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    Normally anyone who has already owned the first Halo game, there would absolutely no reason to buy Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, maybe not even the superior high definition graphics would be enough to make the gamer put their hands in their pockets. But Microsoft are not expecting that either, and along with better graphics, they… Read more »

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    Monopoly in the style of Star Trek

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    This is a dream come true all fans of Star Trek and it makes no difference whether it is the Original, Next Generation or any of the Movies that the fan feels is the best as this game of Monopoly covers the lot! Choose from a Vulcan Harp, Phaser, Communicator, Klingon Blood Wine Goblet, Shuttlecraft,… Read more »

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    Official “Another Earth” Trailer released

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    We have for many decades looked at the stars and wondered if there was life out there in space, but what did not think of was that could there be a duplicate Earth in our own solar system, well that is what the stylish and cool Another Earth is all about. This film takes everything… Read more »

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    How Facebook Tag Suggestions Works

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    Most Facebook users know about the recent change to the site using Tag Suggestions, this is where Facebook uses a type of facial recognition software to tag images and photos on a users page without the need for any permission. This is causing some concern to users, but Facebook is the biggest internet source for… Read more »

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    Getting the most from Linkedin

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    Are missing out on getting most from the social networking site designed to connect business people, Linkedin! It seems that many users’ sign up for an account only to leave it inactive, which is not going to impress anyone at all! so some folks have got together in order to come up with a definitive… Read more »

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    Creating Web Apps

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    The thing about a web app is that they appear to be so simple and yet nothing could be further from the truth. The idea behind a web app is that they are hosted within the browser, so they are only available when the user is online and these apps can be accessed from any… Read more »

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    Queue forms for iPhone 5

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    It is becoming a bit of a contest to be the first person in the queue for a new Apple product, this time it is for the iPhone 5 and the device has not even been announced yet, let alone released. But that is not stopping former bin man Rob Shoesmith from setting up camp… Read more »

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    How does 3D Printing work

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    We have featured 3D printing several times, but the technology is changing all of the time and as such, it is time to find out just how 3D technology works and more to the point how this new way of printing will produce different styles and design for the future. 3D printing seems to go… Read more »

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    The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

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    There are some occasions when a story is told that we have heard before and yet somehow this time around it is better. This is how we would describe the next version of Spiderman. Sure Toby Maguire played Peter Parker well, the story and effects were also fine too and yet next year The Amazing… Read more »

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    A bike lock that you wear

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    There is nothing worse than seeing a smart looking bike with a rough looking bike lock holding tightly onto a lamppost, but it does not have to be that way, especially with the Hiplok Wearable Bike Lock! This is more like a seat belt that wraps around you when not in use, but is strong… Read more »

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    Acer buys iGware

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    The Taiwan based computer manufacturer Acer, are bolstering their ambitions for a cloud computing service with a plan to take over the US based cloud computing company iGware, which is the same firm that provides the Wi-Fi service for Nintendo for an estimated $320 million. According to the new chairman and chief executive JT Wang… Read more »

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    Live action Deus Ex Human Revolution

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    The Deus Ex Human Revolution game for the PC, PS3 and the Xbox 360, is due for a 26th August release, but to get the juices flowing in the gamers who are unable to wait, there is a brilliant live action video! It works like a historical look at news feeds and world really well… Read more »

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    Soylent Green could be real

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    It seems that reality is following fiction with an announcement from scientists in China that gelatine does not have to be made from boiled down pig and cow bones; it can be made from humans too! However, before you start complaining to your MP or Congressman, this is merely a concept idea and it does not… Read more »

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    Paypal looking at mobile payments

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    If you come up with an idea that could literally double your revenues within a year, your firm would be jumping for joy, well with the introduction Near field communication, or NFC, online payment system Paypal could be on the verge of doing just that. The firm has demonstrated the technology at the MobileBeat 2011 held… Read more »

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    The Revenge of the Geek

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    For a long time us geek types have been mocked and bullied by those who believed that they were better than us. Well now it seems that the tide could be turning and the Geek is getting revenge with the only weapon they have, no not a laptop, but words! It seems that words have… Read more »

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    What is the secret behind levitation

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    See the image below, this is just one of many people who are able to levitate, these have impressed and intrigued tourists for many years, so how is this done? Is it a trick or maybe this person can really levitate in thin air, well the video below blows the lid off how these guys… Read more »

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    What is next for NASA

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    With the space shuttle Atlantis touching down at the Kennedy Space Center to end thirty years of space travel and 135 missions for the space shuttle, so, where does Nasa go next? This is an info graphic with a difference; it has motion and is therefore much more interesting that just a plain graphic that… Read more »

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    Different types of time

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    We have all been there, waiting! we seem to live in a world that travels at a 100 mph all of the time, expect when it actually comes to time itself and a classic example is waiting for the kettle to boil or for the toaster to pop up, what do they take twenty minutes… Read more »

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    Ubisoft announce uPlay prices

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    The uPlay online pass games system may have been initially announced way back in 2009, but it taken the company until now to actually bring the service online and for the company to come up with the prices etc. Well now, the firm has released details of uPlay and it appears that the cost is… Read more »

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    Things kids will never know

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    There are some simple things around these days, that the kids of today are just never going to know the significance of; a case in example is the image below! Is this merely a sign of the times or just how it has always been, after all I remember my grandparents coming out with stuff… Read more »

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    How Google makes money

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    If the way that Google performs could be replicated, then we would all be doing it! However, the way Google do things is complex and in many ways secret as this is what the company is based on. However we do know that Google are bringing in around $3 billion a month from advertising, the… Read more »

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    The evolution of advertising on Facebook

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    Despite being the social network, Facebook has played around with a few different advertising applications over the years. Considering that this network connects around eight per cent of the world’s population, you would have thought that the leaders in the online advertising market were fighting and climbing over each over in order to get into… Read more »