Chrome Overtakes Firefox

Latest figures released for the browser market has shown that Google Chrome has finally overtaken its nearest rival Mozilla Firefox to become the second most used browser in the UK. The results show that in first place is Internet Explorer (Microsoft) with 45 per cent of users, Chrome (Google) with 22 per cent, Firefox (Mozilla) with a little bit under 22 per cent and finally there is Safari (Apple) with 9 per cent of the browser market.

According to Lars Bak, who happens to be the Google engineer responsible for Chrome and who is based in Copenhagen;

“Speed is a fundamental part of it, but it’s also about the minimal design and the way it handles security. If you as a user try a webpage and it feels snappy, it is really hard to go back (to a previous browser). It has shown that people spend more time interacting with the web.”

He added, “Of course it gets harder to make substantial gains, but it’s all healthy competition. From the beginning we wanted everybody to be fast, and now all browsers are fast.”

Source [BBC]