Make your own doughnuts

This could be sheer heaven for those folks who simple adore a donut or two! for with this Automatic  Doughnut Factory there is no need to head off over to the nearest Krispy Kreme doughnut store as you will be able to produce your own in batches of thirty. Sure, these are only mini versions, but they are still doughnuts and the whole process only takes around two minutes from start to finish!

These are the details for the make your own donut machine;

The AUTOMATIC MINI DONUT FACTORY from Nostalgia Electrics is more than just a donut maker – it is a complete doughnut factory that mixes, shapes and cooks batches of mini doughnuts in minutes! Now you can cook hot and tasty mini donuts in your own kitchen! Your family and friends will enjoy watching the donuts travel down the donut slide into the donut bin. Fresh mini donuts are perfect for breakfast, bake sales, dessert, sleepovers and parties. Enjoy the fun of mini donuts anytime!

Priced at $180 in the US and around £110 in the UK

Source [Geeky Gadgets]