Could Realtime Return to Google

It was way back at the end of 2009 when Google launched a new concept in search features, it was called Realtime and it pulled in data from the likes of Twitter and Facebook serving it up as part of the search result, which was cool until last month when it stopped.

The problem is supposed to be over Google and Twitter not being able to agree terms, although data from Facebook has still been appearing but without Twitter, it is clearly not the same service as before. However, Google is not a firm that gives up that easily and with the launch of Google+, it seems that they may have the answer.

According to certain sources within Google, namely Amit Singhal, Realtime Search could return to Google, but this time using data pulled from Google+ instead of Twitter, but will this new version of Realtime be as good without Twitter? On the other hand, could it even be better, let us know what you think.

Source [Mashable]