Nokero Solar Power Panel

For the Smartphone user the worst thing apart from having no signal is forgetting to put the device on charge the night before. but with the Nokero P101 offers a 1 watt solar power charger, it comes with adapter for Sony, Nokia and Samsung devices, it charge the phone up in around three hours and then you are back in business.

These are the features for the Nokero P101 Power Panel;

Charges typical 600mAh phone in 3 hours

Newly available, high-efficiency solar technology

Durable frame

Compatible with multiple electronic devices

Charges in full sunlight (not behind window)

Dimensions: 4.75 in long, 2.9 in wide, 0.4 in thick

1 watt (200mAh) (5v)


Packaged weight: 120g

Number per case (48)

ABS frame and backing

Prices start at $29.99 in the US and around £14 in the UK

Source [Coolest Gadgets]