Chit Chat For Facebook

From the start, this is something just for Facebook users and the owners of Blackberry devices. It’s about a cool app that keeps the user and their friends chatting; it may sound similar to some of the other chat type apps out in the market but with the one exception and that is users must have a Facebook to get started. Once set up this app offers the user the choice of setting online and offline friend lists etc.

These are some of the features available on the Chit Chat for Facebook app for Blackberry;

Scrolling Minimised – Endless scrolling is a thing of the past. Use the spacebar and cursor to quickly scroll up and down your contact list. Or perhaps, use alt and the cursor to jump to the top or bottom of a list.

Filters – Find a Facebook friend quickly by filtering your Facebook contact list.

Instant Message Notifications – See, hear (audio notification) and feel (vibrate) when a message has been received. Users can customise their notification preferences.

Source [Chit Chat]