Vote Up Button

Make your own voting up button for sites such as Reddit, this is something that makes voting fun and easy just the way that it should be. It is by the New Hobbyist, who to their credit actually make some really cool stuff and this is one of those really cool items. However, best of all you get to choose between the red button or the blue button, up or down!

According to Chris on the site, he has a couple of pointers here;

“One note: to use the USB keyboard mode you must use the “Teensyduino” software which allows you to program the Teensy using the Arduino programming language and IDE rather than the native Teensy language. I’ve included the code in full at the bottom of the post, but to give a brief overview, when the upvote button is pressed the key combination “CTRL + SHIFT + A” is sent to the computer over USB, likewise if downvote is pressed “CTRL + SHIFT + Z” is sent to the computer.”

This is a neat little thing to have on your desk, it is like one of this destruct buttons that the villains always have in their lairs and just as the they are about to be caught their hand teases towards the button, in this case will it be a vote up or a vote down, let us know!

Source [Gajitz]