10th August 2011

Facebook Loses More UK Users

What is happening over at Facebook, it seems that once again the giant of the social media sector has lost more UK users. In fact, it seems that last month the social networking site lost more than four per cent of their membership taking the total amount users from UK down to its lowest point in past two years at 50.1 per cent, whereas back in June the market share was held at 53.7 per cent. So where are these users going? Are they drifting off the Google+ or are these accounts that were not doing much in any case, we need to know before we can pass any judgement on this.

According to the report by Experian Hitwise;

“Facebook’s dominance of the UK social market hasn’t been this low since October 2009, when the network accounted for 50.5pc of all visits to the category,”

Source [T3]