Menus Replaced By iPads

One of the best ways for restaurants to get new customers is by being a bit creative and this is exactly what the “Do! At the View” pizza restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia has done, they have done away with those card or paper menus and replaced them with an Apple iPad, how cool is that? The other way is to offer some cool food too!

This is how the restaurant describes their service, sounds good;

Imagine a restaurant so advanced that it combines the arts of music, food and science….

Imagine indulging in a gourmet “SYMPHONY” of flavours while being surrounded by four walls that transform at the blink of an eye…

Imagine a powder room with no mirrors…

Imagine a restaurant so “IN TUNE” with technology that it satisfies your appetite with the touch of your fingertips…

Imagine a restaurant where paper menus are a thing of the past…

Imagine do… We’re doing pizza, musically inspired!

Source [Wired]




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