Assassin’s Creed Multiplayer Beta Announcement

Members of the Assassin’s Creed will soon be getting their hands on a cool new feature, early multiplayer access, but this is only if you have a Playstation 3! There are nine characters, three new maps and four play modes to get into, it starts on the 8th sept and runs up to 11th sept, its short and sweet, but so very cool at the same time!

This is what Ubisoft had to say about the about the Multiplayer Beta Announcement on the Assassin’s Creed website;

Exciting news Assassins! We are very pleased to announce our plans for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Revelations BETA! From September 3rd 2011, the BETA will be open for PlayStation Plus and Select Uplay members, and will run until September 11th. Here’s a quick glimpse of some of the things you can expect to experience in the ACR BETA. A much more detailed list will soon be available on a special BETA web page.


Source [Lazy Gamer]