Circuits On The Skin

A team of researchers have announced the first epidermal electronic system (EES); it works like any other circuit, except in this case it is mounted onto the skin. So it is able to flex with the bodies movements, but at the same time collect valuable data for medical diagnosis, although there are bound to be other uses for such a technology in the future.

According to John Rogers one of the engineers working on the project, the most promising aspects for this technology is in the field of medicine;

Our paper demonstrates our ability to monitor ECG (as a monitor of heart disease and metabolism), EMG (as a measure of, among other things, gait during walking) and EEG (as a measure of cognitive state and awareness). We have also shown that these same devices can stimulate muscle tissue to induce contractions. When combined with sensing/monitoring, such modes of use could be valuable in physical rehabilitation. We also have interest in sleep monitoring (for sleep apnea), and neo-natal care (monitoring premature babies, in particular).

Source [Technabob]