Apple Employee Instructions Regarding Netscape

I love these things, they give us a look into the past and we get to see what was going on in those weird old days when little was known about what was going on behind the scenes of these large companies that we have all grown to love and admire. I do like the way that these firms interact with each, everything seems to be trial and error, whereas today it is all legal and proper.

According to Eli Goldberg who worked for Apple in the late nineties, he passed these details onto the guys at TechCrunch;

Flex Benefits

“It’s the instructions I received in summer 1996 when starting at Apple explaining how to employees how use a Netscape web browser to obtain our benefits information, including how to use a web browser’s back button.” Dear Eli, there’s no such thing as a slow news day. And there’s no chance we’re not posting what you sent us. Below, find Apple’s instructions on how to use Netscape Navigator, the Web browser and flagship product of Netscape Communications Corporation.”

Source [TechCrunch]