Fish Scale Material Can Replace Plastic

Plastics are great but they can be bad for the environment, whereas the fishing industry is being branded as being responsible for excessive waste! So that sounds like an opportunity and designer Erik de Laurens has managed to come up with a material that is made from fish scales and has the appearance of plastic. He makes this material by applying heat, pressure and a touch of dye for colour to produce tiles, tumblers, spectacles frames and some goggles. It is early days yet, but could there be a future in this fish scale plastic.

This is some information on the man behind the material made from fish scales;

Erik de Laurens exhibited a selection of his research and latest work during the graduation show 2011 at the Royal College of Art. This include the milk project and the Fish Feast part 1 & 2 project in which he has invented a material made exclusively from fish scales.

Source [Crisp Green]