Game To Sell Downloadable Games InStore

The UK High St game and console retailer Game, have come to an arrangement with Sony Europe that will see them being able to sell downloadable games in their store, alongside the hard copies of the games for the Playstation games console.

According to a Game spokesperson;

“Every product is individually displayed and marketed with a specific price point,”

Initially the company will be selling the game downloads from just forty two stores, but by the end of September all six hundred and twenty stores will be offering the games download service, where the buyer of a game will be given a twelve digit code, through the till receipt, email or by text message.

The CEO of the GAME Group, Ian Shepherd, spoke about the deal and said;

“This is important because it offers customers more choice, more advice and more control than they can get online,”

This deal will make Game the largest retailer of games digital game in the country, simply because of the access that they have to the PSN content.

Source [IT Pro Portal]