Spray Your Tag Anywhere Without Getting Into Trouble

I bet secretly most people would love to grab a can of paint and let rip with it on a wall. The trouble is most are too worries about getting caught and therefore are unable to show our street art skills. well that was until I came across this app for the iPhone, now you can spray your graffiti on any object anywhere you like without getting into any trouble at all and share it with your friends too!

These are the features and details for the Street Tag iPhone App;

Street Tag turns your iPhone into a can of spray paint. You can graffiti the street in real time without fear of being arrested. Adorn everything and anything, even those buildings you never thought possible to tag.

Once you’ve finished, you can showcase your work by geo-tagging your images via the app or Facebook, Twitter and email.

Create tags by using the spray mode, use the spray options button to change paint colour, size and wetness. You can also create tags using your finger in the Create A Tag mode and save in your own personal gallery for use later.

The app is part of Channel 4’s Street Summer, which culminates in a season of programmes celebrating street art, hip hop and urban culture in the UK. Highlights include the TV premiere of Banksy’s movie, Exit Through The Gift Shop.

Priced at free from the iTunes Store

Source [Cool Material]