Who Thinks Building A Working Cylon Is A Great Idea

We know that robots are being used for industrial purposes and also in situations where it is just too dangerous for humans to go, but sometimes it seems that researchers are pushing the boundaries too far, as with this robot that can run, fast it seems.

According to the developer Jonathan Hurst, who is now an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering at Oregon State University, he said;

“We envision some extraordinary potential applications for legged robot research: exoskeletons that enable wheelchair-bound people to walk again or that give rescuers super-human abilities, and powered prosthetic limbs that behave like their biological counterparts,”

It is easy to be impressed by the video, seeing this robot running like a human but it is also easy to think of the Terminator and the Cylons, which is scary.

Source [Extreme Tech]