Pressing The Snooze Button Gives To Charity

This may appears to be some sort of alarm app for the iPhone, but the device already has a built in alarm with snooze feature. So what is this Snooze App all about? This app means that every time the user hits the snooze button a donation is made to the charity of their choice through LetGive, so now hitting snooze is going to cost more than just being late for work!

These are the features and details for the Snooze app for the iPhone;

Snooze is a simple alarm clock that resides on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad that allows you to pledge $0.25 to a non-profit in the LetGive network every time you hit snooze. Twice a month you will have the opportunity to donate the value of your Snoozes to the non-profit.

Features of the Snooze Alarm Clock:

Every Snooze is a pledge to one of our non-profits

Beautifully designed clock displays time brightly and clearly

Receive alarms even when the application is closed

All alarms are set to repeat daily

This is a free app available from the iTunes Store

Source [Ubergizmo]