Is Everyone Above Average These Days In Education

You would that thought that being average would be the middle ground, so if grades in education were just A, B and C, B would be taken as average, but according to the media and government announcements most of the results are above average, which is good isn’t it? However according to other data this is not so and that in fact the levels of grades obtained is actually lower due to something called “Grade Inflation” this is method being used to artificially bolster the grades of students and has been in place for some time.

So it would seem that someone somewhere is being cheated, it could be the students who are fooled into thinking that they are doing better than they are, or even future employers who are under the impression that they are getting an A grade student, but in reality may not be. Is this the time to bring in a universal standard across the board and start off from a new point or should we just continue along this path? Have a look at the graphic below for details on how the figures are seemingly being manipulated in order to meet targets and satisfy demands.

Source [The Daily Beast]