Razer Says PC Gaming Is Not Dead

Of the three main games formats, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and of course PC, it is the later that are more resilient and it seems that help is on their way from Razer this weekend when the PC Gaming Is Not Dead campaign goes public. They what gamers to ditch the console and return to home of gaming the PC, will you join them?

Go to PCGamingisnotDead.com and this is where Razer states: “PC Gaming is not dead. Join us 8/26/11.” this just so happens to be the starting date for the PAX Prime (Penny Arcade Expo Prime) event in Seattle, Washington, so watch out for the announcement!

Once on the site the visitor is greeted by a crazy computer voice that informs them of what’s going on and it is here where they are able to register their interest, after which they will be receive the following message;

“You are now one step closer to joining us against the tyranny of closed networks. It is time to stand up against shoddy console ports and sub-par console graphics. It is time to return to the original gaming platform. 26th August 2011. Mark this date down. It is coming.”

Are you getting excited, do you agree that PC gaming is not dead or would you rather go on the Xbox 360 or PS3 instead!

Source [Game Guru]