Over 600 Public Sector Websites Are Breaking The Law

It seems that despite laying down the to us ordinary folk, the UK government could do with taking a leaf out of its own book, because a study conducted by the Council For IT Body, Socitm has found that 063 government websites are failing to comply the latest EU Directives on the downloading of cookies onto users computers or Smartphone’s.

This means that almost all local authorities, the fire service, police and even housing associations are breaking the law; in fact, only six government websites were compliant with the directives.

According to Martin Greenwood, who is the programme director for Socitm Insight said;

‘It is difficult and time-consuming to identify cookies by manual means and therefore easy to underestimate the scale of the use of cookies websites.’

He finished off by saying;

‘We have compared the number of cookies found by our audit with those declared by some of the organisations that have already taken action on cookies. It is difficult to check for cookies and in every case we have found significantly more cookies than the site owners are aware of.’

Source [Local Gov]