Social Media Firms Say No To Riot Restrictions

In the wake of the recent riots across the UK it looks as if the Home Office is looking to ways of monitoring and even blocking Blackberry Messenger, Facebook and Twitter in order to prevent those involved communicating with each. As such, executives from the firms have been summoned to meet the Home Secretary Theresa May, but this will be no push over for the government as social networking played a major role in the so-called Arab Uprisings. Instead, the Home Office could be working with social media in order to see how these services can be used by the emergency services to greater effect.

Twitter said;

“On a practical level, we simply cannot review all one hundred million-plus Tweets created and subsequently delivered every day,”

According to a Home Office spokesperson;

“Social networking is not a cause of the recent disturbances but a means of enabling criminals to communicate. We are working with the police to see what action can be taken to prevent access to those services by customers identified as perpetrators of disorder or other criminal action.”

However, a Facebook spokesperson said the firm would

“Explain the measures we have been taking to ensure that Facebook is a safe and positive platform”.

It appears that there is still a long way to go before this issue is sorted out, in the mean it us the users of the services who stick to the rules, who will ultimately suffer.

Source [Telegraph]