Solving The Capacitive Touchscreen Problem

Anyone who has used the capacitive touchscreen on the iPhone and other devices will know that it really only works well with the touch of a finger, using a stylus just does not work. However, the buttons and keys are small and as for typing well that can be a nightmare. Therefore, for the user who wants to speed type or keep their gloves on in the winter, there is the Finger Stylus. Using a couple of these rings seems to work, put one on each hand and you will be typing away just like everyone else.

According to the inventor Park Hyun Jin;

The Finger Stylus would not only make it easier to use touch screen devices; it would improve accuracy as well. If you find yourself constantly fat-fingering your text messages or missing the mark on Angry Birds because of long nails, start sending good vibes in the direction of Park Hyun Jin in the hopes that the Finger Stylus some day becomes a real, purchasable item.

Source [Gajitz]