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Steve Jobs How He Got To Where He Is

There are the plently of opinions around about Steve Jobs and Apple, some are good and of course some are going to be not so good! However, at the end of the day, he certainly changed Apple from an Epic Fail, into a firm biggest firm in the world. So how did he get from working in a garage to the Apple that we know and love/hate today. There is only one sure way of charting this and that is with this great info graphic from Column Five Media.

Source [Cult Of Mac]


Waterproof Concept Design Case For the iPhone 4

Water and the iPhone are not great friends, so it is essential that the device never gets wet, let alone being dropped into water! However, there is a case that will keep the device water, rain and mud tight, it is called the EscapeCapsule and you can get your hands on one by backing and pre-order the case from the Kickstarter site.

These are the details and features for the EscapeCapsule is a waterproof case for the iPhone 4;

Waterproof, rigid, high impact polycarbonate housing sealed with a silicon O-ring.

The touch screen works great through the built-in optically perfect high impact polycarbonate screen protector.

The home, volume and lock buttons function through membranes that are built into the overall structure of the shock absorbing internal rubber bumper.

The cameras front and rear both work through the clear housing and provide great quality photos and videos.

Watertight plug that allows you to use your iPhone headphones to listen to music or make hands free phone calls.

Specifically designed membranes allow sound to transfer through the case to make clear phone calls.

This is concept design that is currently on Kickstarter, the site where you can become a backer of a project

Source [Coolest Gadgets]



Drawing Of HP TouchPad Currently Stands At £61k On eBay

Only the other week we told you of the dramatic price reduction by HP for the firm’s ten inch tablet, the TouchPad. You can pick one these up for around $99 in the US or £89 in the UK, that is if you can find one that is! However, it seems that not everything associated with the TouchPad is dropping price. Take this auction currently running on eBay; it is for a drawing of the HP TouchPad not original sketch by the design team, but just a drawing in what looks to be blue Biro ink! The description on the site is interesting too, which is wonder that the price is currently just under $100,000!

This how the description on eBay looks on the auction site;

You are bidding on an awful drawing of an HP Touchpad. I’m posting this because I see idiots bidding $300 on $99 tablets, and $850 on a $99 tablet running Android–so I figured maybe someone would be dumb enough to bid on my drawing. Hell, if this sells for over $800, I’ll draw you another one with Android on it AT NO EXTRA COST!

Sure, I’ll admit it: I want a Touchpad, but I’m not spending over $150 on one. Yeah, I hang out on Slick Deal’s 1500+ page forum AS A GUEST looking to snag a deal–go ahead, hate me. But only AFTER bidding on this.

This was drawn on a regular sized sheet of white paper. The drawing is in BLUE pen!–my (and likely your) favorite colour. This weighs less than an actual touchpad, is flexible, and is 1/1–you can sleep well at night knowing that you’re different than the thousands of others who got a “real” touchpad. It can also be viewed as a drawing of a 16 or 32 gb one.

And finally, this touchpad drawing is of the rare WHITE one.

Shipping on this is free. It’ll be shipped in a padded envelope.

The Current bid is at $99,900.00, which is about £61,000 for anyone who is interested

Source [Gear Fuse]



The Serie 1 Retro Style TV From LG

The Serie 1 is a fourteen inch diagonal screen cathode ray tube (CRT) TV set that comes complete with retro looking rabbit ear style antennae, shiny chrome legs, and traditionally styled knobs for switching channels and tuning the volume up, down or off!

However, inside the LG Serie 1 TV there is a modern digital tuner so that all your favourite channels can be found and of course, the wireless remote controller, some things you simply cannot do without.

Yet one of the coolest features that you will find on this machine is the ability to switch the display from full colour, to black & white and then onto a sepia tone mode.

The LG Serie 1 TV will be available in Orange (model 14SR1EB) or dark brown (model 14SR1DB), but before you get too excited it is only available in Korea at a price of 249,000 Won, which is $216 in the US or £160 in the UK!

Source [Gajitz]


Razers PC Gaming Is Not Dead Question Is Answered

For the past couple of weeks or so, the company most noted for producing gaming accessories Razer, has been posing a statement around the net and across the social networking sector, the statement was simple enough, “PC Gaming Is Not Dead” and the answer to this is the launch a new and exciting laptop, the Razer Blade.

This is a laptop that offers a nice 17.3 inch display, Intel i7 processor and a high performance NVIDIA GeForce graphics processor, which is why Razer are calling this machine “world’s first true gaming laptop” well lets see what this has to offer, then!

These are the features and specs for the very interesting Razer Blade;

2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 2640M processor

8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 memory

17.3? LED Backlit Display (1920 × 1080)

NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M with NVIDIA Optimus technology

2 GB dedicated GDDR5 video memory

Built-in HD webcam

Integrated 60Wh battery

320 GB 7200rpm SATA HDD

Wireless network 802.11 b/g/n compatible

16.81? (width) x 10.9? (depth) x 0.88? height); 6.97lbs (weight)

Priced at $2,800 in the US and around £1,700 in the UK

Source [Geeky Gadgets]



So You Think That You Know About Firefly

Firefly is one of those rare science fiction shows that unless you are a major fan, little is known about it. The show was made in 2002, but was cancelled after only eleven episodes and even then, they were originally shown in the wrong order!

Yet there is a following that still remains for the series and the film Serenity. In fact, despite Fox pulling the plug, when the series was rerun on the Sci-fi channel it quickly became the popular series that is was destined for in 2002.

Source [Nerd Approved]


New Monopoly Game Klingon Style Ready For Pre-order

No Star Trek fan would want to pass this up, it is the Klingon version of the world famous Monopoly board game. it is exactly what it says on the box you get to chose from various Klingon style tokens and there will even be a 1/6th scale Chancellor’s Cane from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country so its all in there!

According to the Usaopply website here is some info on the game;

Forged from the fires of Kri’stak, MONOPOLY®: Star Trek Klingon Edition unites the universe’s most legendary characters with America’s favourite game. To commemorate its release, 1,701 Limited Edition versions of the game will be created! Each will be individually numbered, bilingual, and include a one-of-a-kind mini replica of the Chancellor’s Cane. In addition, a Collector’s Edition will be available, less the Cane and will not be numbered.

As they say in Klingon, maj!

Unfortunately, we are unable to find any prices, but it is just pre-order at the moment.

Source [The Rich Times]



Joerg Sprave Is Back With An Epic Slingshot

We have featured Joerg Sprave and his brilliant slingshot designs before, but this time he has created and built a massive sling shot, it is massive because it measures ten feet in length and fires a three inch steel ball with a range of six hundred and fifty feet.

If that is not impressive enough you should see this baby in action, the device uses twenty four tough Thera Band gold exercise bands, which if anyone knows about this things are tough on their own, but twenty four of them is just brute force.

I love the way these guys attack the car, although in a way I am quite impressed in how the cars bodywork actually takes the punishment.

Source [Technabob]



Are The Similarities Between Angry Birds And Your Sex Life

It looks like you are able to make a comparison between almost any two objects, images or places. However, mention a very popular game & sex and you will end up will all sorts of possible outcomes. In this case, C-Section Comics has come up with a brilliant comparison between the popular Angry Birds characters and your sex life, it is so to speak very revealing!

Source [Orange Inks]


Ever Wondered What 128 GB Looks Like

We hear so much about the size of RAM and Hard Drives in PC’s and laptops these days. However, do we actually know what 1 GB looks like, what about 128 GB then?

It seems that 128 GB takes up quite a bit of room and so we cannot see this turning up in any laptop soon, besides imagine the cost!

Source [Geek Fill]


Design Blogs And Their Followers & Fans

It would appear the over the past ten months to year that social media has grown significantly, not overall but in specific areas. the sector being looked in this case are the blogs that deal with web design, this popular sector was checked just ten months ago by testking.com and now it has been revisited, so the burning question that needs to be answered is; have these site seen an increase or decrease in fans (Facebook) and followers (Twitter) well without a doubt the answer has to be yes, check out the graphic below to see by how much!


Source [Test King]


The Life & Times Of Steve Jobs

It makes no difference what your personal opinions are of people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or any successful person, the simple fact is we do not have to like them or the way that they live their lives, but we can admire their skills and determination to make it to the top of their chosen industry.

Personally, I like Steve Jobs, he has bounced more than once and now as Chairman of Apple Inc, maybe he can concentrate on his health and keep an eye on the company too. Of course, not everyone shares my thoughts on Mr Jobs as this video from Next Media Animations shows, although it has to be said the video does not show him a bad light, really!

Of course, this video is mean to be amusing and it is, but there is a serious message in there too, but what is it?
Source [NMA]