Drawing Of HP TouchPad Currently Stands At £61k On eBay

Only the other week we told you of the dramatic price reduction by HP for the firm’s ten inch tablet, the TouchPad. You can pick one these up for around $99 in the US or £89 in the UK, that is if you can find one that is! However, it seems that not everything associated with the TouchPad is dropping price. Take this auction currently running on eBay; it is for a drawing of the HP TouchPad not original sketch by the design team, but just a drawing in what looks to be blue Biro ink! The description on the site is interesting too, which is wonder that the price is currently just under $100,000!

This how the description on eBay looks on the auction site;

You are bidding on an awful drawing of an HP Touchpad. I’m posting this because I see idiots bidding $300 on $99 tablets, and $850 on a $99 tablet running Android–so I figured maybe someone would be dumb enough to bid on my drawing. Hell, if this sells for over $800, I’ll draw you another one with Android on it AT NO EXTRA COST!

Sure, I’ll admit it: I want a Touchpad, but I’m not spending over $150 on one. Yeah, I hang out on Slick Deal’s 1500+ page forum AS A GUEST looking to snag a deal–go ahead, hate me. But only AFTER bidding on this.

This was drawn on a regular sized sheet of white paper. The drawing is in BLUE pen!–my (and likely your) favorite colour. This weighs less than an actual touchpad, is flexible, and is 1/1–you can sleep well at night knowing that you’re different than the thousands of others who got a “real” touchpad. It can also be viewed as a drawing of a 16 or 32 gb one.

And finally, this touchpad drawing is of the rare WHITE one.

Shipping on this is free. It’ll be shipped in a padded envelope.

The Current bid is at $99,900.00, which is about £61,000 for anyone who is interested

Source [Gear Fuse]