IBM Disk Platter Turned Into Clock

Some people may find this hard to believe that there even computer operating during the 1960’s, but here is proof of that and you can now put on your wall because this fourteen inch disc has been converted into a cool clock with pendulum and circuit board features too. It is the ideal gift for anyone who likes tech and gadgets.

These are the details and specs for the Vintage 1960s IBM Disk Platter clock;

This clock’s disk platter is from a disk pack used in the early 1960s on IBM 2311 Disk Drives.

The “patina” on the platter comes from having aged over 45 years it is a striking finish.

Look closely at the platter and you will see a concentric circle, this indicates that the disk platter had a “head crash” resulting in data loss. A “head crash” occurs when the “read-write” head contacts the spinning disk platter surface.

Mounted in the centre of the clock is an acrylic encased comparison of this vintage platter’s storage capability versus today’s platter. “Today’s laptop platter” hangs on the end of the pendulum…how cool is that!

The statistics are rather astonishing! See the comparison below:

This rare, vintage” disk platter” from the 1960s was grouped into a “disk pack” that usually contained 6, 14 inch platters. This platter could hold about 1.5 megabytes. In 2009, a single platter could hold about 500,000 megabytes and was physically, 4 times smaller!

This is a wall clock that is 14″ in diameter with a pendulum that is an additional 11.5″.

Golden raised numbers attached to circuit board sections that were once a hard drive’s controllers complete this striking conversation piece.

Artist signed and numbered “Certificate of Authenticity.”

Priced at £81.04 in the UK, while in the US it is going to set you back $129

Source [Etsy]