The Serie 1 Retro Style TV From LG

The Serie 1 is a fourteen inch diagonal screen cathode ray tube (CRT) TV set that comes complete with retro looking rabbit ear style antennae, shiny chrome legs, and traditionally styled knobs for switching channels and tuning the volume up, down or off!

However, inside the LG Serie 1 TV there is a modern digital tuner so that all your favourite channels can be found and of course, the wireless remote controller, some things you simply cannot do without.

Yet one of the coolest features that you will find on this machine is the ability to switch the display from full colour, to black & white and then onto a sepia tone mode.

The LG Serie 1 TV will be available in Orange (model 14SR1EB) or dark brown (model 14SR1DB), but before you get too excited it is only available in Korea at a price of 249,000 Won, which is $216 in the US or £160 in the UK!

Source [Gajitz]