Harry Potter: How It Should Have Ended

Therefore, the long series of books and movies is over, Harry Potter will only be seen in a re-run now and for many people that is a big disappointment, but could it have gone on any longer. Maybe if time travel was possible the characters could go back and change something, that way they could start all over again! In that case, you had better check out this video!

These are the details on the Harry Potter: How It Should Have Ended!

The long-awaited HISHE. You asked for it and we delivered: Harry Potter: How It Should Have Ended! With all the dangerous field trips these kids attended, it makes you wonder what kind of permission slips they had to fill out. Be on the look out for new content every THURSDAY! Come back for behind the scenes, deleted clips, and more. Leave us a comment and spread the love by subscribing to our channel and/or give us a ‘thumbs up’!

Source [Dorkly]