How Much More Mobile Can We All Get

It seems that almost everyone you see these days has some sort of mobile communication device, even young kids and old people do, so where are going with this and what is the future for mobile communications, more to the how will it affect our lives.

Already we are contactable 24/7, but with GPS and other software, we can also be tracked and therefore who knows what mobile communications will be able to do in the future or how these improvements will affect our working day, will we have no free time at all.

According to CompanionLink Software, who also produced the info graphic below;

“Mobile users everywhere are showing an increased desire for more features, improving mobile productivity, merging business and personal data onto a single device, and becoming more connected than ever,”

Where will we be in five years time, will mobile communications have moved on that far as to really change the lives of the user, or are we just dreaming! Whatever the case, this graphic shows how the mobile phone has grown over the years.

Source [PC Mag]