Digitize your writing and drawing

This APEN device is a cross between a stylus and a pen, but it beats using a stylus pad because the user draws or writes onto a piece of paper and the device saves the result to memory or transmits via Bluetooth to Smartphone, tablet or laptop. The manufacturer claims that the pen has enough memory to store around hundred pages before it needs to be downloaded, so there are plenty of interesting jobs that this would work with.

These are the details from the APEN website;

Have you ever wanted to make hand written notes on your digital photos or save your hand written notes in your computer without having to scan your pages?  APEN has an easy to use solution that will meet your needs!  APEN is a standard-shape digital pen ­– that also writes – and comes with a transmitter and easy to use software for both your PC and Mac.

Source [Gizmag]