The Go Anywhere Tablet Stand

This is a great idea for all tablet owners no matter what the brand is or what it is used for, it is about thirty inches in length, while the top that holds the tablet is flexible enough to allow the user to see the device from almost any angle. Therefore, there are plenty of uses for the Octopus Stand For Tablets, although I cannot see why they call the octopus as it only has four legs!

These are the details for the excellent Thanko – Octopus Stand For Tablets;

This friendly neighbourhood quadropod won’t try to destroy humanity – instead, it’ll just stand quietly next to your sofa or bed, obediently holding your media tablet or book up for some hands-free action. Perfect for the lazy, tired, and cervically stiff. The tablet holder adjusts to securely grab tablets at 150mm to 255mm width (5.9in to 10in) and 20mm ~ 35mm thickness, and sits at the end of a 180mm wiggly neck atop the four 560mm legs.

Priced at $86.68 in the US and around £55 in the UK

Source [Geek Stuff 4U]