Transcend Developing A 2TB Flash Drive

Imagine the power of a flash drive with a massive 2TB of storage available, it would be awesome to say the least and it could be coming sooner than we think. Check out the video taken at the Display Taiwan 2011 technology show, the display actually states that the Transcend 16GB flash drive is capable […]

Two Visions Of Future Tech

When we think of future technology it is always shiny and glossy, but most of all it is always working how different this is to the real world. This graphic shows exactly how it is, with our thoughts of everything working nicely, yet in reality the screens remain blank because there is no signal available, isn’t […]

Try Out The Gmail Offline App

Google have released a beta version of Offline Google Mail, this is free app and it can be found on the Chrome Web Store. The app has a simple look, which is good and once downloaded it will synchronize email messages so the user is able to check their even if there is no internet […]