So How Does Google Search Work

This is question that has been asked by website owners for a decade or more and it seems just when they are getting hang of what Google is all about, they change the rules and it is back to square one. Well that was what we assumed, it seems that in the real world, things are a lot different and Google are changing the way that searches are served all of the time.

In fact according to the team, they are making around five hundred changes every year, which works out at 1.3 changes per day or one change every seventeen and half hours, so maybe we have got it wrong and should not relax at all, as it looks like the Google don’t.

According to the Google Engineering Director Scott Huffman;

“There are almost always a set of motivating searches and these searches are not performing as well as we’d like,”

He finished off by saying;

“Ranking engineers then come up with a hypothesis about what signal, what data could we integrate into our algorithm.”

Source [Techi]