How To Share All Of Your Scary Secrets

It is probably safe to say that we all have the odd secret or two, but sometimes it nearly always feels better once this secret has been shared. This is where comes in, download the app and you are ready to share your secrets. What could be more personal than sharing a secret with others who are doing the same thing? It seems to make the whole thing sound so much better and easier to cope with, so do wanna know my secrets?

These are the features and details for the PostSecret app for the iPhone;

Get the official PostSecret App!

Over a half-million soulful, sexual, and silly secrets have been mailed to PostSecret. Now you can take the story mobile:

Discover the shocking and hilarious secrets from your school or city

Completely anonymous – no personal information is EVER obtained

Share your hopeful and heartbreaking secrets anonymously with the world

Respond to secrets by sharing an anonymous secret of your own

Reach out and connect with like-minded people

Read the Sunday Secrets on your mobile device

Find nearby help lines in times of need

Priced at £1.49 in the UK and $1.99 in the US

Source [CBS News]