Is This The Thinnest Xbox 360 In The World

When you first lay eyes on this gamers dream, it is easy to think of it as being a laptop, simply because it has the appearance of one. However, this may look like a laptop, but that is where the resemblance ends. For this is an Xbox 360, but at under two inches thick with the built in monitor that is slim! This is the work of James Terry of Dark Uncle Custom Gaming, who specialise in creating mods for gamers and this one is very special indeed. However it is not as portable as it first looks, it weighs in at eight pounds and has no internal battery, so you are going to need to plug this baby in before switching it on.

According to the description of the unit by Senior Fabricator, James Terry.

This 17″ model has a hand cut and shaped aluminium case.  The shell is covered with a carbon fibre vinyl finish. It uses a negative air pressure cooling system that is designed to allow the heat sink to cool the CGPU without a fan attached. This is crucial for sliming the system. Two fans force air out of the case, which is sealed, to control air intake forcing incoming air over the heat sink. As a result, I was able to design a case that once the monitor is attached, has an overall height of less than 2″.

The eBay auction for this cool looking machine has only five days to run and currently the price is $1,650 or £1,000!

Source [Technabob]