How Sci-Fi Predicted Events In 1997

It seems that writers of science fiction had a poor opinion of 1997, as these predictions below show there some good examples of how 1997 has been used as the key year for start of something, not always something good either! But why 1997? Any ideas!

What would have happened in 1997 according the movies and books;

It’s the Year SkyNet Becomes Self-Aware (Terminator 2)

HAL 9000 is Brought Online (2001: A Space Odyssey)

New York is a Prison and the Planet is on the Verge of WWIII (Escape From New York)

A Mission is Launched to Colonize Other Planets (1965’s Lost In Space)

The Predator Will Show Up in L.A. (Predator 2)

The Terrorist “V” Launches His Attacks (the Comic V for Vendetta)

It seems that we may have got off lightly with in our timeline; of course, we are only assuming that these events have not taken place for real!

Source [Cracked]