Sony Working On Glasses With Subtitles

The people at Sony are working something cool; it is so cool that it will change the lives of people who are currently hard at hearing. For these glasses will have a built in display that presents subtitles in front of wearers eye. This means that enjoying an evening out at the cinema will be so much better.

The only problem is that these special glasses will only work in cinemas that have the correct equipment installed, but that should not be a great hardship as they will be able to attract more visitors to the venues.

According to Tim Potter from Sony Digital Cinema, he said;

“What we do is put the closed captions or the subtitles onto the screen of the glasses so it’s super-imposed on the cinema screen, [making it look] like the actual subtitles are on the cinema screen,”

Sony believe that this technology will becoming available in the UK during the early part of 2012, so there is no long to wait then.

Source [Oh Gizmo]