The Anti Stress Low Chair

This wire chair is really not going to be comfortable, but once the stress balls are placed inside it takes on a completely different look and feel, with all sorts of patterns and designs being created to the users own tastes and decor. With so many stress balls around it could have the opposite effect if one or two go missing and the design cannot be completed.

These are the details for the cool looking designer chair;

5240 is the number of pattern combinations, given 5 colours of anti-stress balls used in the project of this chair. Colours are based on printing raster which creates a picture in the process of printing. Metal wire construction of the seat is a frame for creating patterns. Through an individual choice of ball colours and patterns, client is given the opportunity to participate and cocreate the project. The user gets emotionally involved, creating a chair of his/her ‘very own’. Freedom of choice is the main idea of the project.

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Source [Incredible Thing]