Developers Release Wrong Version Of Dead Island

So you have been waiting around for the excellent yet slightly gory zombie game Dead Island for the PC, you have finally managed to get hold of it over the Valve Steam online service only to find that there are a few issues with the smooth running of the game.

Fear not, the zombies have not got into the machine, the solution is much more simpler than that, it seems that the developers may have got a little too excited and released the wrong version, how bad is that! Real Bad!

Gamers are complaining that they are having issues when connecting to multi player, these problems include crashing and other defects during the actual game play.

It seems that some users have been rooting around and found that the game is either an earlier version or even the version designed for the Xbox 360, no doubt the team are working on these issues as we speak.

Source [Geeky Gadgets]